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Fake Accounts on Instagram: Navigating the Landscape of Fake Influencers

Instagram has become a popular place for people to share unique stories and content and build an online community. However, in the midst of this popularity, there are challenges that Instagram users must face, namely fake accounts.

Fake accounts on Instagram are accounts created with the intention of impersonating an identity and often trying to make a profit by being a “fake influencer”.

In this article, we’ll talk about the fake accounts that are popular on Instagram and give tips on how to find how to navigate by this fake influencer world.

Finding Fake Influencer Accounts on Instagram

First of all, you should know that fake accounts can look diverse. Some fake accounts try to look like celebrities or other well-known people by using their pictures to make it look like they are the same person.

Wired says that there are about 95 million fake Instagram accounts. With about 1 billion Instagram users, that means that about 1 in 10 accounts are fake.

Most of the time, these fake accounts try to get followers by offering “opportunities” or promoting fake goods or services.

There are also fake accounts that try to impersonate popular influencers by duplicating their content, using look-alike names, or manipulating follower and interaction statistics.

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Steps to Protect Yourself from Fake Influencer Scams

In dealing with fake accounts on Instagram, there are several steps that can be taken. First, watch for any suspicious signs.

Suspicious accounts might have too many followers who don’t interact much, comments that are repeated or don’t make sense, or posts with content that seems too perfect or “too good to be true.”

A woman is commenting on Instagram.
A female artist makes sure that impact comments are real.

It’s important not to be swayed by looks alone, but to look seriously and trust your gut to spot possible fake accounts.

Also, make sure the account is real by looking at the marks of trustworthiness on Instagram. Verification on Instagram, shown by a blue tick, is a good way to tell if someone is authentic.

Accounts of well-known influencers or public figures that have a blue tick indicate that they are official and authentic.

Keep in mind that these verification marks are not a guarantee of validity, and bogus accounts may replicate them.

Doing Research on Influencers Before Working Together

Doing additional research is also an effective thing to do. Check the account’s post history, read user reviews, and find out if there are any reports about the account.

You can also tell if an Instagram account is real by looking for information about it outside of Instagram.

If you aren’t sure if an account is authentic or not, it’s important to be careful and watchful before you connect with it or do business with it.

Also, if you want to work with or partner with someone with expertise, it is important to do your research.

Check their profile thoroughly and consider the data of followers, engagement rates, and comments received. If anything seems off-putting or strange, don’t be afraid to ask questions the influencer more.

Honest and genuine influencers will gladly share extra information or explanation regarding their Instagram profiles.


Lastly, if you find any scams on Instagram, feel free to tell other people about them. If you report fake accounts or the most these social media sites, you can help clean up the internet of fake accounts.

Instagram has taken efforts to block bogus accounts, but users’ feedback is crucial to keeping the service secure.

Online Tools to Find Fake Users on Instagram

There are a few websites that can help you find out if some of your Instagram individuals are fake. Here are some free tools you can use to make sure that your Instagram individuals are real:

1. Fake Check.co

FakeCheck.co is another site that can help Instagram users find fake friends. This site has a free service that lets people find out how many of someone else’s Instagram followers are fake.

Each Instagram user's status can be checked on the fakecheck.co site.
Each Instagram user’s status can be checked on the fakecheck.co site.

FakeCheck.co uses smart algorithms to look at following data from important accounts and gives a total trustworthiness based on things like watcher activity, interaction, and the appearance of surprising trends.

Users can also get detailed studies that help them choose with whom to work.

2. Social Blade

SocialBlade is a well-known website that lets you track Instagram and other social media sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

While SocialBlade is best known as a tool for tracking user growth statistics, the site can also provide insight into the authenticity of someone’s followers on Instagram.

SocialBlade shows important data like an influencer’s projected wages, the number of new followers, and how popular they are.

With this information, users can see if there are any strange changes in the number of followers an influencer is getting, which could mean that they have fake followers.

3. Social Audit Pro:

Social Audit Pro is a tool for analysing social media, and Instagram is a part of it. This website lets people look at Instagram accounts and get specific reports about how real the followers are.

Social Audit Pro uses complex formulas to look for things like how active followers are, whether comments and likes are real, and whether there are any strange trends.

With the information collected, users can get a better idea of how trustworthy the people who follow their example are.

4. IG Audits

IG Audit is a research tool that was made to find fake users on Instagram. This website checks Instagram accounts and gives them a score based on things like how much they connect with posts, how often they post, and how many fake followers they have.

IG Audit gives a clear picture of the quality level of an account’s fans and helps users make better choices when dealing with leaders.

5. Hype Auditors

HypeAuditor is one of the best and most well-known tools to find fake Instagram followers. This website uses advanced algorithms for tracking to look at Instagram user accounts and give thorough reports on the quality of their follows.

The search screen on the website HypeAuditor, which is a research tool for checking the realness of Instagram users.

In addition, HypeAuditor checks things like the response rate, the number of fake accounts, the quality of the audience, and how active the followers are.

Using this way of analysis, HypeAuditor gives you a lot of useful information about how real an influencer’s followers are.

By blending data from all of these websites, users can better choose influencers to meet business goals and build trust in a brand.

The characteristics of a fake Instagram account in general

Instagram has become a popular way for people and businesses to build an online profile and get people to pay attention to them.

But as Instagram’s fame grew, fake accounts and marketers tried to use the platform to make money in dishonest ways.

1. Suspicious Number of Followers

One of the main signs of a fake account is a suspicious number of followers. Fake accounts usually have a lot of followers but not much interaction, like a low number of comments, likes, or views.

Check to see if the number of fans and the amount of activity don’t match up in any obvious way.

2. Incomplete Profile

Most fake accounts have empty profiles or don’t have clear information about who owns the account.

They may not have a clear profile photo, a short or vague description, and no valid contact information or links. Be sure to check the profile carefully before engaging with the account.

3. Inconsistent Posted Content

Most fake accounts have different ways of posting or content that doesn’t seem to go together. They might post pictures or videos that are about different things or have different styles.

Look to see if the content that was shared has a consistent theme or niche, or if there are any strange differences.

4. Low or Irrelevant Interaction Rate

Most of the time, fake accounts have low response rates or comments that have nothing to do with what was written.

They may get spammy or irrelevant remarks like random emojis or repeated words. This could mean that the account doesn’t really have any followers.

5. Irrelevant or Excessive Use of Hashtags

In order to get more attention, fake accounts often use words that are not important or are used more than once.

They might use attractive hashtags that don’t have anything to do with what they’re sharing, or they might use too many hashtags in each post.

Pay attention to whether the hashtags fit the text and whether they are used in the same way every time.

6. Suspicious Links or Requests

Fake accounts might try to send followers to dangerous links or ask for personal information that isn’t suitable.

So if you see a link or request that looks strange, don’t click on it or give any personal information to the account.

7. Presence of Multiple Fake Accounts in Followers

One of the strongest indicators of fake accounts is the presence of many fake accounts in their list of followers. These accounts might have odd usernames, no posts, or empty profiles. See if there are many such accounts in the follower list of the account you are reviewing.

8. Poor Credibility and Reputation

Do some research on the account or influencer before you interact with or transact with them.

Check to see if they have any bad reviews, if other people have complained about them, or if they have been involved in any scams in the past.

How to report a fake account

When you find a fake account, the next step is to tell Instagram about it. Therefore, you can report it by doing something like this:

fake influencer profile or fraud account

Go to the profile of the account you want to report and tap on the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner. Select the “Report” option and then select an appropriate reporting reason, such as “Fake account” or “Spam”.

Instagram also provides the option to provide additional information about the account. This lets users provide more information or proof when they report fake accounts or fake friends.


Faced with the fake influencer scene, it’s important to always be on guard and critical. Therefore, don’t trust an account simply because it has a lot of followers or seems nice.

Be a smart user and know that theft can happen in the digital world. Always put your own safety first and protect your privacy by not giving private information to accounts you don’t trust.

Finally, users must deal with the challenge of fake accounts on Instagram. But if we are aware and careful, we can handle this world of fake influencers in the right way

Stay critical and don’t be afraid to share what you know with the Instagram community. This way, we can all work together to make the digital world safer and more real.

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